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Beach Burrito's Origin

Our story

After 25 years in the world of fast food, the Davies Family decided it was time to offer a fresh new twist on the typical Mexican restaurant -

and BEACH BURRITO was born! 

Our goal was to offer fresh, healthy, and affordable Tex-Mex fare in a friendly, casual  atmosphere.  Using the freshest, most nutritious ingredients, we prepare our signature Big Kahuna and Lil' Dude meals one at a time -

"Your Burrito, Your Way!"



BEACH BURRITO was born in Astoria, Oregon where the mighty Columbia River meets the majestic Pacific Ocean.  Since 2010, we've strived to provide a friendly, casual establishment highlighting our passion for fresh, nutritious ingredients, honest cooking, and great customer service.  Our menu features a selection of Tex-Mex dishes, all made in-house by our team of BEACH BURRISTOS.  With some of the most delicious combinations of ingredients, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Loved by locals and traveling foodies alike, now is the perfect time for you to join us today at BEACH BURRITO!


Our Beginning

We came up with the idea for BEACH BURRITO, while Mike was serving with the U.S. Coast Guard stationed in the Caribbean. With their new found love of simple, casual, and delicious food, Mike and Mary wanted to recreate the Caribbean beach vibe they loved in their Oregon north coast community. With little more than a dream, the Davies Family started on a path that culminated in the opening of their first BEACH BURRITO in Astoria, Oregon.  Two short years later saw the opening of the Seaside, Oregon BEACH BURRITO.  All the while making "Your Burrito, your way!"

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